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$24.95 (SHARED $7 EXTRA)
Not Valid with Restaurant.com, other promotions, specials, Holidays or Delivery
1st Course
Choice of: Mixed House Salad I Soup Gazpacho, Black Bean, or (aida Gallego
2nd Course
Choice of: Albondigas Meatballs, Mussels in Green Sauce, Stuffed Mushrooms, Tortilla Espanola,
Chorizo Sauteed Spanish Sausage, Croquetas Chicken and Serrano ham Croquettes
3rd Course
Choice of: Shrimp and Rice with Sausage, Shrimp in Mushroom and White wine Sauce, Mariscada in Garlic, Green, Creole, or Diablo Sauce, Broiled Norwegian Salmon, Chicken Cafe Espanol, Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Chicken in Lemon Butter Sauce, Tilapia Fillet or Flounder Fillet, Arroz con Pallo Chicken and Rice
Served with choice of Fried potatoes, Saffron Rice or Vegetables
All lobsters broiled or steamed **Per Person Only**
NOT Valid with any other specials, promotions, coupons or holidays
1 ~ lb. Lobster $19.95/ Stuffed $26.00
2 lb. Lobster $30.00/ Stuffed $38.00
Twin Lobsters 1 ~ lb. $35.00 for 1 Person / Stuffed $43.00
Lobster and Chicken Platter $23.95
Shrimp and 1 ~ Ib, Lobster AJllio 25.95
Served with a house salad and choice of fried potatoes, saffron rice, or vegetables
Any sauce (Garlic, creole, or Diablo sauce) $2 Extra
1 ¼ lb Lobster $25.95
2 lb Lobster $39.95
1 1/4 Ib Lobster In green, garlic, creole or diablo sauce $29.95
Twin Lobster 2 – 1 1/4lb Lobsters for 1 person $44.95
Stuffed Lobster 1 1/4lb Lobster baked with seafood stuffing $32.95
Lobster Fra Diavolo 1 ¼ lb Lobster with clams, mussels in spicy red sauce $32.95
Lobster and Chicken Platter 1 1/4 lb Lobster & chicken breast in light creole sauce $27.95
Shrimp and Lobster al Ajillo 1 1/4 lb Lobster & shrimp in our signature garlic sauce $29.95
Lobster Tails 2-7oz tails broiled $41.00
Lobster Tails 2-7oz tails in green or garlic sauce $42.95
Stuffed Lobster Tails 2-7oz tails w/seafood stuffing $46.95
Surf and Turf 7oz tail & filet mignon $38.50
Madrid / New York 7oz tail and Sirloin $39.00
Mar y Mar 7oz tail and shrimp $32.95
All entrees served with salad & choice of
Saffron rice, Homemade Potato Chips or Vegetables
Red - Tempranillo (Rioja), Ribera del Duero, Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec
White - Rioja, Albarifio, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Grigio, Vinho Verde
Estrella Galicia, Alhambra Dark, Stella Artois, Corona, XX, Coors, Heineken / Lte, Bud
Served by the glass, %Pitcher & Full Pitchers
Original, Mango, Strawberry, & Passion Fruit Flavors
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